Jewelries repair

The cooperative Granát as an after sales service, to its customers, offers repairs of 'the jewelries from precious metals, namely silver and gold of all grades of purity, except platinum.

The repairs will be done as it is necessary, or after an agreement with the customer. The standard time limit for delivery is 60 days.

In a case of the more demanding repairs, for example the hollowed jewelries, historical garnet jewelries or hand-made cutting of the stones, the time limit for repair will be set individually.

In a case, the jewelry to be repaired was produced or bought outside the Czech Republic, its repair to the original quality in which the jewelry was produced cannot be guaranteed.

zak vyroba 01Granát – Jewelry repairs
Výšinka 1409
511 14 Turnov
Czech Republic

Phone: +420 481 357 257

Small repairs, which do not need, for example, galvanic plating, can be done while waiting in the Prague's retail store of the cooperative Granát:

Granát - retail store
Dlouhá 28
110 00 Praha 1
Czech Republic

Phone: +420 222 315 612