Jewelry care and maintenance

Dear customer, thank you for purchasing the jewelries from the collection of Granát, cooperative for the art production, Turnov.

The jewelries are manufactured for you by experienced jewellers and stone-cutters whose high precision work is based on manual processing. The ultimate quality of the produced jewelries is achieved thanks to the combination of modern methods of manufacturing. We believe that the unique design and beauty of our jewelries will make your individuality stand out and will bring you joy and pleasant moments. To keep the beauty of your new jewelries for as long as possible, please follow the following recommendations:

  • Take off your jewelries for night, during sporting activities and heavy physical work.
  • If you take off the jewelries, we recommend you placing it preferably into a jewel box.
  • We don't recommend using the jewelries in the environment where they may be affected by chemical substances
    (for example bath, swimming pool, thermal spa etc.).

Oxidation of jewelries is not a manufacturing defect; it is a standard chemical reaction of metal.

Leave the cleaning and repairs of the jewelries on professionals. Any unprofessional treatment can irrevocably damage the jewelries.

It is possible to clean up the jewelries at home with a special cloth designed for this purpose.