Certificate of Authenticity

Our original jewelries with the bohemian garnet will be delivered to our customers with the Authenticity certificate.

These Authenticity certificates confirm that the jewelry is produced in our company, which is the sole authority for mining of the garnet raw material and owner of the trade mark and the original certificates of "The Bohemian Garnet" and "The Bohemian Garnet Jewel". Furthermore, the certificate confirms the mining location of the rock and the origin of the jewel with the stamp of originality, in our case marks of G, G1 or G2. With these marks the originality and authenticity of the jewel with the bohemian garnet, which are produced in our cooperative of the art production Granát Turnov is guaranteed.

 certifikat 02 certifikat 01 

The Authenticity certificate itself is protected by a holographic mark with the logo of the cooperative Granát Turnov to prevent its abuse.

The older version of the certificate, which can still be found at our dealers, and appears in red or beige colors, are still valid but are gradually replaced by new red certificates with the holographic mark.